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Hmelyuk Vasyl Mykhailovych (1903 - 1986)

A Ukrainian artist and poet. Born in the village of Berezivka, Vinnitsa region. Since 1921 he studied at Krakow Academy of Arts under the guidance of V. Yarotskyy, in 1928 he graduated from the Ukrainian Studio of Plastic Arts in Prague (under the guidance of S. Mako). Since 1928 he lived and worked in Paris, where he became one of the central figures in the artistic life. A professor from Paris C. Kunstler wrote about the artist: "His name is known to the world's greatest collectors (they take pride in their canvases created by V. Hmelyuk). His works are presented in the museums in Lucerne, London and Stockholm. We are grateful to Ambroise Vollard, who introduced the artist to the Parisian art world". Despite the post-war financial crisis, the French government purchased the works of the master. Among the admirers of the artist's creativity were the prominent collectors: A. Vollard and S. Shchukin. He published three collections of poetry in Prague (1923 - 1928). He led an active exhibition activity in the famous European galleries. During 1933 - 1936 his exhibitions were held in England, Italy and Switzerland. Since 1943 he permanently exhibited his works in the gallery of Durand-Ruel, which organized his exhibitions in Paris, New York, etc. Author of landscapes, portraits and still lives. His works are presented in Lviv Art Gallery, in the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, in the Oxford University galleries, in the museums of London, New York, Philadelphia, Munich, Toronto, Stockholm, Lucerne, etc.

Painters works:

Auction 19 Lot 56

«Small garden in Provence»,
IIIrd quarter 20thC
board, mixed technique; 36,545

Price: 10 000 - 12 000 $

Auction 17 Lot 78

«Pierrot»,IIIrd quarter 20thC
board, mixed technique; 5943

Price: 8 000 10 000 $

Auction 16 Lot 73

«Balcony», 1976
cardboard, mixed technique; 34

Price: 4 500 6 000 $

Auction 16 Lot 74

«Circus horse woman», 1970-s
cardboard, mixed technique; 44,5

Price: 4 500 6 000 $

Auction 11 Lot 51

«A mansion », 1956
canvas, oil; 5473

Price: 25 000 30000 $

Auction 10 Lot 58

«Autumn landscape», 1960
cardboard, oil; 79,560

Price: 12 000 17000 $

Auction 9 Lot 48

«Spring», 1959
canvas, oil; 38,555

Price: 8 000 15000 $