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Husz_r Vilmos (1884 - 1960)

A famous Hungarian painter and graphic artist, illustrator, sculptor. Born in Budapest. Since 1901 he studied at Budapest School of Fine Arts. After a long stay in Munich, Paris and London in 1908 he settled in the Netherlands. In 1917 in Leiden together with P. Mondriaan, T. van Doesburg, G. Vantongerloo and other leading artists of he founded the avant-garde association and the magazine De Stijl (The Style"). Innovative aesthetic principles of this art movement had a profound influence on the th century art. From 1917 till 1921 he wrote articles and worked on the design of the magazine De Stijl. In 1923 he left the association, continued to be engaged in interior and graphic design in the style of constructivism, in painting he returned to realistic principles. Author of genre scenes, landscapes, still lives, nudes, abstract compositions. He participated in the design of the pavilions of the World exhibition in Berlin. He created installations, architectural and sculptural designs. In 1985 in the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Hague (Gemeentemuseum) there was held a large retrospective exhibition of the master.