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Hunten Franz Johann Wilhelm (1822 - 1887)

A German artist, sea painter. He is well-known for realistic ocean scenery with the images of ships. He started his art education in Dusseldorf in the workshop of F. Heimerdinger, with the help of whom he received a scholarship and continued his studying in Dusseldorf Academy of Arts, where he studied under the guidance of Professor I. Shimmer (1847 - 1850). After graduation, he traveled across Europe, visited the Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, Scandinavia and even Constantinople; during these trips he created a number of outstanding works. After his return he settled in Hamburg, where he lived and worked for all his life. Since 1851 he repeatedly exhibited his paintings at the art fairs in Germany. His works are kept in the museum collections in D_sseldorf, in Kunsthalle museum in Hamburg, in the Old National Gallery in Berlin, etc.

Painters works:

Auction 14 Lot 152

«Sailboat near the island Helgoland», 1847
canvas, oil; 102133

Price: 10 000 15 000 $