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Chelishchev Pavlo Fedorovych (1898 - 1957)

A prominent Russian painter, stage designer. Born into the family of a wealthy landowner in the estate of Dubrovka, Kaluga Province. In 1918 he with his family moved to Kyiv, he studied at the monasterial icon workshops and Kyiv Academy of Arts, attended classes in the studio of O. Exter. In Kyiv he first tried his hand as a stage designer in the theater of K. Mardzhanov. In 1919 he joined the Volunteer Army in 1920 and emigrated to Constantinople, where he worked on ballet performances of B. Knyazev and V. Zimin. In 1921 he settled in Berlin. He was actively involved in set design: collaborated with the theater-cabaret "The Blue Bird" of Y. Yuzhnyy and the ballet company "Russian romantic theater" by B. Romanov, designed productions for the Berlin Opera. In 1924 with the troupe of B. Romano he came on tour to Paris and stayed there, settling in Montparnasse. In 1925 for the first time he took part in the Autumn Salon, several of his still lives were acquired by G. Stein, who became a great fan of the masters creation. At her secular salon he became acquainted with K. Beart and brothers E. and L. Bermans, together they founded the group of "neoromanticists" representing moderate, aesthetic wing of surrealism. In 1920s 1930s they painted portraits and figures: G. Stein (1930), E. Sitwell (1931), "Juggler" (1931), "Clown" (1932). He held many solo exhibitions in Paris, London, New York and Chicago. In Paris he became one of the most famous artists of S. Dyahylyevs theatrical enterprise, successfully worked with George Balanchine. During the Second World War he moved to the USA, where he gained the world fame as a painter-surrealist. In 1949 he traveled to Europe and settled in Italy. At this time he turned to abstract painting, was fond of astrology and occultism. His major solo exhibitions were held in Buenos Aires, New York, Michigan, Florida, London, Paris, Brussels, Rome and Milan. His works are presented in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art in Paris and New York, the Tate Gallery in London, the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

Painters works:

Auction 6 Lot 64

«An acrobat», IInd quarter 20thC
cardboard, oil, 49,5x31,5

Price: 25 000 - 40000 $