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Chernetsov Nykanor Grygorovych (1805 - 1879)

A famous Russian artist, landscape painter, lithographer. Brother of the artist G. Chernetsov. Born in Lukh, Kostroma province. He studied at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1823 - 1827) under the guidance of M. Vorobyov. Pensioner of the Society for the Promotion of Artists. In 1827 he received the title of the artist of the XIV class. In 1832 he received the title of the academician and a gold medal of the Society for the Promotion of Artists. Since 1844 - the court painter. He travelled to the Caucasus (1829 - 1831) and the Crimea (1833 - 1836). The Crimean series of sketches and watercolors of N. Chernetsov is the first in the Russian art in number and variety. Since 1837 he worked with his brother on the panorama of the Volga shores, combining classic panoramic buildings with the documentary accuracy of details. Chernetsov brothers greatly contributed into the development of the Russian landscape painting, especially with national themes.

Painters works:

Auction 8 Lot 14

«View of the Crimea on the river Kacha», 1854
canvas, oil; 3948

Price: 180 000 250000 $