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Chychkan Illya Arkadiyovych (1967)

A Ukrainian artist, painter. He was also engaged in a staged conceptual photography, installation, video, performance. One of the main representatives of the "Paris Commune" - legendary for modern Ukrainian art group (1988 - 1993), participant of the artistic movement "New Wave" (1990s). His first solo exhibition was held in Kyiv in 1993, since the late 1990s he holds one or two solo exhibitions a year in Ukraine and abroad. In Ukraine he participated in such indicative projects as "The Alchemical Capitulation" (1994, warship, Sevastopol), "The Greenhouse Effect" (1997, Contemporary Art Centre of George Soros), "Farewell to Arms" (2004, Art Arsenal), "Reflection" (2007, Pinchuk Art Centre),"New Wave" (2009, the National Art Museum of Ukraine),"Sexuality and Transcendence" (2010, Pinchuk Art Centre), Der'mo & zoloto (2010 Chocolate House). His works were exhibited in the leading galleries and museums of Europe, the USA and South America, as well as in numerous prestigious international forums and festivals of contemporary art. In 2009 he represented Ukraine at the 53rd Venice Biennale. He is in the top five of the most famous and the most expensive contemporary artists of Ukraine.

Painters works:

Auction 14 Lot 142

«Goa», 2009
canvas, oil; 158193

Price: 14 000 18 000 $