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Chumakov Fedir Petrovych (1823 - 1899)

A Russian painter. Born in St. Petersburg. From 1834 till 1840 he studied at St. Petersburg theatrical school, then he changed to St. Petersburg Academy of Arts as a pensioner of the Society for the Promotion of Artists. K. Bryullov and P. Basin predicted great future for the artist. In 1847 he was awarded a small and a large silver medals. In 1850 for health reasons he left for Italy. In 1852 he returned to St. Petersburg and presented two paintings at the academic exhibition, for which he received the title of the academician. He was famous as the master of female portraits, and painted great compositions on historical topics. In 1857 he went abroad again. Travelling all over Europe, he settled in Paris, where he regularly exhibited his works at the Salons. From 1863 till 1864 his masterfully written female heads were approved by the Paris art critic, their author gained general recognition and fame. The works of the artist were bought by Olexander II, Princess Maria Mykolayivna, president of Paris Academy of Arts and French officials. In 1866 he received the Order of St. Anne of the 3rd degree for success in the achievements in historic painting and art activities. In the recent years of his life, he painted exclusively portraits, especially the types of women's heads, for which he earned the nickname "The Russian Gryoza".

Painters works:

Auction 9 Lot 7

«A dream», late 19thC
paper, chalk, white; 3828,5

Price: 4 000 6000 $

Auction 2 Lot 16

«Portrait of a woman»,last quarter 19thC
canvas, oil; 3324,5

Price: 18 000 20 000 $