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Shemyakin Mykhaylo (1943)

A Russian painter, graphic artist, sculptor. Born in Moscow. He studied at the Art School of the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1957 - 1961). One of the founders of the group called "St. Petersburg" (1967). In 1971 he emigrated to France. He created a series of works called "The Carnivals of St. Petersburg" (1974) that brought the world fame to the artist. In 1977 in Paris he published the Art Almanac "Apollo 77", which became a collective manifesto of the Russian "underground". In 1981 he moved to New York. He opened the Institute of Philosophy and Psychology of Creativity (in Hudson, the USA). One of the main themes of creativity is cheap, popular, fair-carnival stylization of Peter's time Petersburg. He illustrated the works of M. Gogol, E. T. Hoffmann, F. Dostoevskyy, V. Vysotskyy, etc. Participant of over 500 exhibitions worldwide. Monuments and sculptures are installed in New York, Paris, Venice, Madrid, Moscow, St. Petersburg. In 2001 he acted as an art director of P. Tchaikovskyys ballet "The Nutcracker" (Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg). Winner of numerous awards and honorary titles. His works are presented in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the Metropolitan Museum in New York and in other Art Museums of the USA, France and Russia.

Painters works:

Auction 21 Lot 110

Original lithograph

«The character with the Toad»

from the series

The Carnivals of St. Petersburg,


paper, author's technique; 34,5x34, 5

Price: 1 200 1 500 $

Auction 21 Lot 111

Original lithograph

«The gardener with the purse»

from the series The Carnivals of St. Petersburg,

paper, author's technique; 34,5x34,5

Price: 1 200 1500 $

Auction 21 Lot 113

Original lithograph from the series

«The Carnivals of St. Petersburg»,

paper, color lithograph, 90x63

Price: 3 000 5 000 $

Auction 20 Lot 130

Original lithography from the series «Gardeners»,

paper, author’s technique; 29,529,5

Price: 10 000 - 12 000 $

Auction 20 Lot 132

«Dancing with fruit»,

canvas, author’s serigraphy from the series Gold de luxe with the author's finalizing; 90,590,5

Price: 10 000 - 12 000 $

Auction 18 Lot 136

Original lithography «Yankee Doodle!»,
paper, author’s technique; 60,555

Price: 2 000 3 000 $

Auction 17 Lot 161

Original lithography a series of «Carnival of St. Petersburg»1975
paper, author's technique; 6345

Price: 2 000 3 000 $