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Enfield Henry (1849 - 1923)

A British painter, watercolourist. Born in London. He received his art education in private studios in London. He worked in the family firm of the solicitors in Nottingham. He exhibited his works at the exhibitions in London Academy of Arts nine times. His solo exhibitions were held in Berlin, Dusseldorf and Munich. He gained recognition as a landscape and seascape painter. His works are kept in the Art Museums in London, Berlin and in other cities in the UK and Germany.

Painters works:

Auction 20 Lot 142

«Summer day. Fjords»,
late 19thC – beginning 20thC,
canvas, oil; 73118

Price: 10 000 - 12 000 $

Auction 22 Lot 144

«Fjord», the end of the XIX century
canvas, oil; 72.5 x117,5

Price: 8 000 - 10000 $