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Michel Georges (1763 - 1843)

A famous French painter. Born in Paris. Since 1775 he studied under the guidance of the artist N. Tane. He studied and copied in the Louvre the works of art from the Netherlands of the XVII century. In 1783 he was invited to Normandy, where he gave lessons of painting and drawing. In 1789 he made a trip to Germany and Switzerland, where he created numerous landscapes. In 1791 his works were exhibited in many Parisian salons. Since about 1815 he painted mainly the outskirts of Paris, becoming one of the founders of the French national landscape and predecessor of the Barbizon school (_cole de Barbizon). His works are presented in the State Hermitage, the Louvre, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Art Gallery of Bremen, in the museums of fine arts in Lyon and Bayeux, in the Art Museums in Nantes, the Hague, Le Havre, Strasbourg, etc.

Painters works:

Auction №20 Lot №150

с охотником и всадником»,
beginning 1820s
canvas, oil; 63,5х76

Price: 10 000 - 12 000 $