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Kostenko Konstyantyn Yevtyhiyovych (1879 - 1956)

A Russian painter and graphic artist. Born in Odessa. In 1904 he graduated from Moscow University. From 1904 till 1906 he studied at the private school of F. Reberg in Moscow, then - in the studio of E. Kruglykova in Paris. He painted landscapes, portraits, was engaged in woodcuts. He participated in the exhibitions of "The Artistic Artel" (1919) in Kharkiv, of Petrograd artists of all trends (1923), of the association "The World of Arts" (1924), "The Community of Artists" (1925), in the jubilee exhibition "The Artists of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic for XV years" (1932 - 1933) in Leningrad, of the Union "Fire Colour" (1925), etc. Exhibitor of numerous international exhibitions and of the exhibitions of the Soviet art abroad, including the exhibitions of the Russian art in US cities (1924 - 1925), the international exhibition in Milan (1927), the exhibitions of the Soviet art in Japan (1927) and in the Netherlands (1927). His personal exhibitions took place in Simferopol (1922), Japan (1925) and Leningrad (1927). His works are presented in the collections of the State Russian Museum, the State Museum of Fine Arts and in many others.

Painters works:

Auction 20 Lot 24

canvas, oil; 46,568

Price: 10 000 - 12 000 $