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Kulyk Ivan Onysymovych (1923 - 1995)

A Ukrainian artist. Born in the village of Moryntsy, Zvenygorod district of Cherkasy. He studied at Kyiv School of Applied Art (1946 - 1948), in Kyiv Institute of Art under the guidance of K. Trokhymenko (1948 - 1955). Master of landscape and genre painting. Author of the gallery of portraits of such figures of Ukrainian culture as T. Shevchenko ("T. Shevchenko. Speculations"), G. Skovoroda, I. Nechuy-Levytsky, I. Kozlovsky, V. Stus, V. Symonenko, O. Dovzhenko. He worked in the studios of the Union of Artists (Ivano-Frankivsk). He worked in cooperation with V. Zaretskyy and A. Gorska (monumental mosaics in Donetsk secondary school 5, 1965). Since 1965 he lived and worked in Odessa, led social work, participated in the local expeditions of regional studies collecting ethnographic material. With the assistance of the artist in the village of Moryntsy the ethnographic museum was established. In 1973 he was accused in bourgeois Ukrainian nationalism and expelled from the Artists' Union of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1988 he returned to the Union of artists. The same year in Uman there was held a solo exhibition of the artist. He participated in many national and regional art exhibitions. His works are presented in museums and private collections in Ukraine, Germany, Canada, the USA.

Painters works:

Auction 18 Lot 65

canvas, oil; 8966,5;
lower left corner 52 .

Price: 2 000 4 000 $