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Sukhodolskyy Petro Olexandrovych (1835 - 1903)

A Russian painter and graphic artist. Master of landscape, historical genre, portrait and genre art. Born in Mosalskyy County, Kaluga province in a noble family. He studied at St. Petersburg University, from 1856 till 1864 - in the Academy of Arts in the landscape painting class under the guidance of M. Vorobyov, L. Lagorio, G. Chernetsov. He was awarded a small (1858) and a large (1860) silver medals, in 1861 he received a small gold medal. In 1863 he was abroad, lived in Berlin and Paris. In 1864 he awarded a large gold medal and the title of the 1st degree class artist with the right of pension travel abroad for six years. In 1865 he received permission of the Academy of Arts to spend the first three years of pension in Russia. Since 1859 he exhibited his works at the exhibitions in the halls of the Academy of Arts (1859 - 1891, with breaks), of the Society of the exhibitions of the works of art (1879), Moscow Society of Art Lovers (1866 - 1881, with breaks), the Society for the Promotion of Artists (1864), the World Exhibitions in Paris (1867), Vienna (1873) , the International Art Exhibition in Munich (1869), Berlin (1886), all-Russian industrial and art exhibition in Moscow (1882). In 1878 he was awarded the title of the academician. In 1882, among other artists, he received an order from the Emperor Olexander II for a series of paintings of the Russian-Turkish war (1877 - 1878). In 1885 he made a trip to Bulgaria. From 1888 till 1894 as an illustrator he collaborated with such magazines as "Niva" (The Field) and "Guslar" (Psaltery player). In the 1890s he turned to seascapes, visited Finland and Norway. His works are presented in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus, in the Art Museums of Donetsk, Nizhny Novgorod, etc.

Painters works:

Auction 18 Lot 16

«Spring landscape with sunset»,
canvas, oil; 6797

Price: 150 000 200 000 $

Auction 23 Lot 26

«Winter Landscape», 1890
canvas, oil; 35 x 53,5

Price: 304 000 384 000 uah