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Kulchytska Olena Lvivna (1877 - 1967)

A Ukrainian painter and graphic artist. She studied in Lviv studio of R. Bratkivskyy and S. Kochur-Batovskyy (1901 - 1903), and in the Art-Industrial School of Vienna. In the years of 1945 - 1954 she was teaching graphic arts in Lviv Polygraphic Institute named after I. Fedorov, where she became a professor in 1948. Her creative work was largely based on the folk art; she often applied to the motifs of Ukrainian literary classics. There are kept very few of the artist’s paintings because the technique of oil and watercolor paintings she used mostly in the early stages of her creative work. She is a participant of over 60 exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. She had the title of People's Artist of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1956; she was the State Shevchenko Prize winner of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1967. In 1971 Art and Memorial Museum named after O. Kulchytska was opened in Lviv; 100-year anniversary of the artist by the decision of UNESCO was celebrated internationally. A large number of works is stored in the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

Painters works:

Auction 20 Lot 91

1950 – 1960s
paper, pencil, tempera; 27,519

Price: 10 000 - 12 000 $

Auction 17 Lot 63

«Still Life with yellow flowers»,
canvas on board, oil; 60,561

Price: 12 000 15 000 $

Auction 6 Lot 93

«Taras Bulba and his sons», Ist half 20thC

cardboard, oil; 30x23

Price: 5 500 - 7000 $

Auction 2 Lot 85

«Sunflowers»,middle 20thC
cardboard, oil; 23,529,3

Price: 4 000 5 000 $

Auction 1 Lot 47

«A hen with her chicks»,beginning 20thC
canvas on cardboard, oil; 19,527

Price: 3 000 - 3 500 $