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Morozova Lyudmila Mykolaiyvna (1907 - 1997)

A Ukrainian artist. Born in Kiev. She took her first drawing lessons at the private school of G. Kruger-Prahova. She received art education in Kyiv artistic and industrial school (1925 - 1927) and at Kyiv Art Institute (1928 - 1931) in the workshops of F. Krichevsky. Now the painter’s portrait, painted with her teachers brush, is demonstrated in the exposition of the State Tretyakov Gallery. In 1936 she debuted at the exhibition called "The Art of Soviet Ukraine" in Kharkiv. In 1930 she acted in defense of Mykhaylyvskyy Zolotoverkhovyy Monastery. She suffered persecution and was forced to leave Ukraine. In 1944 through Berlin and Dresden (where during the bombing a large part of her collection was destroyed) she got trapped in camps for displaced people. From 1951 till 1961 she lived in New York, where she worked as a teacher of drawing and painting in the Queensboro Society of Art. In emigration she was considered the best representative of the Ukrainian school of impressionism. In the United States she joined the Union of Artists of Ukraine in America. She was fond of nature and culture of Greece, where she lived and painted (in the years of 1960 - 1980). In 1961 she bought a house in the highlands called Hunter (NY), where she lived until her death. She was buried in Kyiv under her will. She was a participant of about 100 collective and personal exhibitions. Her pictures are stored in the National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv History Museum, Poltava Art Museum, in the private collections and museums in the United States, Greece and Germany.

Painters works:

Auction 15 Lot 49

«Flowers», 1984
cardboard, oil; 50,540,5

Price: 3 000 5 000 $

Auction 12 Lot 59

«Pansy», IInd half 20thC
board, oil; 30,540,5

Price: 3 000 4 000 $

Auction 9 Lot 115

«Phloxes», beginning1960s
cardboard, oil; 5040

Price: 2 500 3500 $

Auction 6 Lot 84

«Autumn», IIIrd quarter 20thC
cardboard, oil; 50,560,5

Price: 5 000 - 8000 $

Auction 5 Lot 138

«Gladioluses», 1970s.
cardboard, oil; 6050,5

Price: 5 000 8000 $

Auction 4 Lot 64

beginning 1970s
cardboard, tempera; 5161

Price: 4 000 6 000 $