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Yakovlev Olexander Evgenovych (1887 - 1938)

A prominent Russian painter and graphic artist. Author of portraits, landscapes and genre scenes. From 1904 till 1913 he studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts under the guidance of D. Kardovskyy. In the years of studying he began to make friends with V. Shukhayev, B. Grigor`yev, I. Brodsky. In 1912 his work shown at the exhibition "The World of Arts" caused many reviews in the press, particularly passionate article by O. Benoit. He was admitted to the Union "The World of Arts". In 1913 he received the status of the artist and foreign pension. In 1917 together with D. Kardovskyy and V. Shukhayev he created "The shop of painters of St. Luke," which set the task of the revival of professional traditions of the old masters. In autumn of 1917 he went on a trip to the Far East, where he collected ethnographic material in connection with the order for painting the Kazan railway station in Moscow. In 1919 he settled in Paris. He exhibited the works of the Far Eastern series at the personal exhibitions in Paris (Barbazanges gallery). The exoticism and mastery of his works caused a furor, all exhibits were sold out. Oriental topics lifted the master to the peak of glory during the total magnification by exotica that prevailed in secular circles in Paris and was a harbinger of Art Deco. In 1920 - 1930s he participated in transcontinental expeditions of "Citroen". For participation in difficult and dangerous trips he was conferred the Legion of Honour. In 1934 he accepted an invitation from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to be at the head of painting department at its school and museum and moved to America for three years. In 1937 he came back to Paris. He is presented in many Russian museums, including The State Russian Museum.

Painters works:

Auction 15 Lot 50

The wedding ofAurora», 1936
paper, sanguine, italian pencil; 6648,5

Price: 15 000 25 000 $

Auction 6 Lot 63

«A house on Capri», 1923
cardboard, tempera; 43,526,5

Price: 12 000 - 20000 $

Auction 5 Lot 44

«Before the ritual dance»,
paper on cardboard, charcoal, sanguine; 3731

Price: 25 000 40000 $

Auction 4 Lot 50

«Eastern story»,
paper, watercolor, gouache; 3824,5

Price: 10 000 15 000 $

Auction 23 Lot 40

«Bivouac at the pass of Burzil» 1931
paper, pastel; 55,5 x75

Price: 320 000 - 400000 uah

Auction 24 Lot 47

«Little House on Capri», 1923
Cardboard, tempera, 43.5 x26,5

Price: 90 000 - 120000 uah