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Altman Olexander (1885 - 1950)

A painter, artist of emigration. Born in the village of Sobolivka, Kyiv province. When he was 11, he left home and went to Odessa on foot. In 1905 he moved to Vienna, then - to Paris. He lived working casually, and he copied much in the Louvre. In 1900 he entered Julien Academy, where he studied under the guidance of the famous masters - A.V. Butro and J.-M. Boucher. Immediately after his first solo exhibition in 1908 the master won the recognition. He was a permanent exhibitor of Parisian salons: Independent (1910 - 1920), Tuileries (1908) and Autumn (1908 - 1924). In the years of 1909 - 1910 he participated in the first Salon of V. Izdebskyy in Odessa and Kyiv. In 1912 in Paris, there was held the joint exhibition together with D. Vidhof and H. Aronsson where the French government bought the works of O. Altman for the Museum of Luxembourg Palace, Department of Foreign Affairs and Fine Arts. He is the author of landscapes, still lives and genre compositions. The pictures are stored in the greatest museums of the world.