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Delort Charles Edouard (1841 - 1895)

A famous French painter, graphic artist, watercolorist. Born in Nîmes, France. He studied at the College of Design in Lorient (Bretagne) under the guidance of professor M. Dyuhusse. He continued his art education in the private studios of famous artists C. Gleyre and J.-L. Gérôme in Paris (1859 - 1861). In 1862 together with J.-L. Gérôme he set off on a creative journey to Egypt, whence he brought a lot of oriental scenes. After his return he settled in the suburb of Paris - Marlotte, where he opened his own studio. In 1866 he successfully debuted at the Paris Salon. He quickly became famous as a master of secular life themes of the XVIII century. He also painted mythological and historical scenes in the techniques of easel painting and watercolors. He created a series of engravings of the most famous of his paintings. In 1875 he received a gold medal at the exhibition in Louisiana. The book "Watercolorists" (Les aquarellists, 1883) marked the originality of the master’s artistic style. His works are stored in the Art Museums of Paris, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, in Sydney National Gallery and many others.

Painters works:

Auction 17 Lot 170

Pared works
«Dreaming» Carriages on the Place de la Concorde,last quarter 19thC
paper, , watercolor; 4053

Price: 2 500 3 500 $

Auction 22 Lot 123

«In front of the cathedral», late XIX century
paper, engraving, watercolour, gouache, 55x81

Price: 5 000 7000 $