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Meyer-Eberhardt Kurt (1895 - 1977)

A German painter and graphic artist, famous representative of the animal painting. Born in Leipzig. He studied in Weimar Academy of Arts under the guidance of T. Hagen and L. Feininger, a well-known graphic artist. He painted landscapes, still lives and genre paintings, but preferred depicting animals. Since 1917 began printing his animalistic works in the publishing company "Hanfstaengl” with branch offices in Munich, London and New York. In 1918 he settled in Munich. Since 1919 he was a member of the Berlin artistic union "The new secession", which in 1926 he held his last exhibition and turned exclusively to the graphic art. He continued to work with the firm "Hanfstaengl", which published numerous etchings of the master, that were popular in Europe and the USA.

Painters works:

Auction 21 Lot 151

«Skye terriers»,

II-third of the XX century

paper, etching, 32x26

Price: 800 - 1 000 $