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Klestova (Khlestova) Iryna Borysivna (Klestova Irene, 1908 - 1989)

A Russian artist of abroad, painter. Born in Saratov. She studied in the studio of F. Rerberg in Moscow. During 1925 - 1926 she continued her education in the Roman Academy of Arts. She was a member of the National Union of Fine Art and the Union of independent artists, participated in the Salon of Independent Artists (1939 - 1975), Medonskyy salon (1945), Spring Salon (1947, 1948), in the salons "Liberal Arts" (1947, 1948). Her solo exhibitions were held in numerous cities of Europe and the USA. In the 1930s she moved with her husband L. Chystovskyy to Chenevières (south-west of France), where she became engaged in growing orchids. The painter’s floral still lives depicting roses, dahlias, peony, lilies and orchids were extremely popular; some pieces were included in the famous book by W. Foster "How to draw and paint flowers". Author of nudes, portraits and landscapes.

Painters works:

Auction 23 Lot 56

«Orchids», II-third of the XX century
cardboard, oil; 24 x 19

Price: 40 000 56000 uah

Auction 24 Lot 50

Paired works «Roses», the second third of the XX century.
Oil on cardboard; 24x19

Price: 50 000 - 70 000 uah

Auction 24 Lot 56

«Still Life with Pearls and Seashell», II-nd quarter of of XX century
Oil on cardboard, 32,5x24,5

Price: 40 000 - 50 000 uah