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Osypov Opanas Mykolayovych (1928)

A Russian painter. He was born in Yakutiya. In 1955 he graduated from Moscow Institute of Art, where he studied under the guidance of F. Reshetnykov. He was a teacher at Yakutsk Art School (1955 - 1957). Honored Artist of Yakutsk Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic since 1962. Chairman of the Artists’ Union of Yakutsk ASSR (1979 - 1992). Member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR and the People's Artist of the USSR since 1988. He was awarded a silver medal of the Academy of arts of the USSR (1989). Professor since 1995. Author of landscapes, portraits and thematic paintings.

Painters works:

Auction 21 Lot 94

«Temple at the sunset»,

Cardboard, oil; 49x51

Price: 1 000 - 1 500 $