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Grandi Vasyl Ivanovych (1890 - 1970)

A Russian graphic artist, painter of monumental and decorative art. Born in Lgov, Kursk province. From 1909 till 1915 he studied at the drawing school of the Society for the Promotion of Artists in St. Petersburg under the guidance of M. Roerich, A. Rylov and M. Samokysh. Participant of the exhibitions since 1915. He exhibited his works at the Association of the Artists named after I. Repin (1929), the Union called "Fire colour" (1929), etc. He lived and worked in Moscow. He painted landscapes, portraits, genre pictures and battle paintings. Author of illustrations to the works of M. Gogol and L. Tolstoy. He took part in restoring such panoramas as "The Defense of Sevastopol" and "The Battle of Borodino." His works are kept in the State Historical Museum in Moscow, in the museum association "The Museum in Moscow", in the National Museum of Heroic Defense and Liberation of Sevastopol, in the Museum-Reserve "Borodino field", etc.

Painters works:

Auction 21 Lot 57

«The Larins’ estate»,

middle 20th

wood, oil, 31x52

Price: 5 000 - 8 000 $

Auction 21 Lot 59

«Birch Grove»,
middle 20th

canvas, oil; 66x80

Price: 8 000 - 10 000 $

Auction 23 Lot 39

«Still Life with Roses», the middle of the XX century
canvas on cardboard, oil, 58 x 83,5

Price: 56 000 80000 uah

Auction 23 Lot 55

«Summer Day», the middle of the XX century
canvas on cardboard, oil, 25 x 44

Price: 28 000 40000 uah