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Lamanskaya Alexandra Karlovna (nee Baroness Levendal, 1843 - 1903)

A Russian artist, painter and writer. Born in St. Petersburg. She studied at Smolnyy Institute for Noble Maidens, where she received the artistic education. She participated in the exhibitions and presented paintings on porcelain and the works of easel painting. Author of the book "Guide to porcelain painting with the addition of chapters on the effects of contrast and the choice of drapery and a cap, suitable to the face tone of the person" (St. Petersburg, 1890). The wife of E. Lamanskiy - a prominent economist and the head of the Russian state bank. Her last years she spent in Frankfurt-am-Main.

Painters works:

Auction 22 Lot 27

«Family estate», 1895
canvas on wood, oil, 25x34

Price: 4 000 6 000 $