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Sedrak Sergey Ivanovich (Agababov, Agababyan Sedrakh, 1878 - 1974)

A representative of Parisian School, painter and opera singer. Born in Tiflis in the Armenian family. He studied at the art school in Moscow. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. He was married to the artist O. Makovskaya-Agababova, daughter of the academician K. Makovskiy. In 1926 he emigrated to France and lived in Paris. He performed as an opera singer (tenor), under the name Agababov. He participated in the concerts of the Russian literary gatherings "Assembly" (1937). He was close to the circle of Montparnasse artists. Exhibitor of the Salon of Independent Artists (1928 - Honorary Diploma, 1931, 1939). He held his solo exhibitions in London (1926) and Paris (Ecaille Gallery, in 1932), exhibited his works in Lille, Arras and in other French cities. He participated in the exhibitions of the Russian artists in Paris (Gallery d'Alignan, 1931) and Prague (1935). After the war he received invitations from the galleries of Zurich, New York and Rome. In 1975 in Paris in the Salon “des Independants” there was held the great memorial exhibition of the artist. He became famous as a master of landscape. His works are presented in many Art Museums of European countries.

Painters works:

Auction 22 Lot 45

«Winter day», IInd third of the XX century
canvas, oil; 5073

Price: 4 000 6000 $