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Angel Rifka (Angelovich Rifka, Angel Rifka, 1899 - 1988)

An American and Russian artist, painter. Born in Calvary, the Warsaw province of the Russian Empire. In 1914 the artist's family emigrated to the USA. She received her primary artistic education from her father – the tissue artist. In 1925 she studied at the League of Art Students in New York under the guidance of B. Robinson. During 1927 1928 she continued her studying in Moscow - in the Higher state artistic and technical workshops under the guidance of D. Shterenberg and spent some time in Paris, where she took private lessons and studied the art of the impressionists. After returning to the United States she lived in Chicago, where she was a member of Chicago Society of the Artists and an active exhibitor of the group art exhibitions in various cities of the United States. In 1930 in New York and in 1931 in Chicago the personal exhibitions of the artist were held. Since 1935 she lived in New York. She was on friendly terms with many artists - J. Sloan, A. H. Maurer, E. Ganzo, D. Burlyuk, who performed her portrait in 1936. She painted portraits, landscapes, still lifes and genre scenes. Her works are kept in the Whitney Museum of the American Art, in the Museum of Modern Art, in the Jewish and Brooklyn Museums (all in New York), in the Museum "The Art Institute" in Chicago, etc.

Painters works:

Auction 22 Lot 53

«Childhood dreams»,
IIIrd quarter of the XX century
canvas, oil; 6446

Price: 2 500 3500 $