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Shem (Shemetov) Alexander Pavlovich (1898 - 1981)

A representative of the Russian diaspora, painter, graphic artist, book illustrator. He was born in Rostov-on-Don. In 1917 he graduated from the military school. In 1918 he served in the White Army, was the observer on the airship. In the years of 1921 - 1923 he lived in Tunisia. He painted landscapes, was engaged in monumental painting. In 1924 he settled in Paris. He collaborated with «The Satyricon» magazine (1931). Since 1933 he headed the department of graphics in the advertising magazine of Air France, drew posters for the company. In 1943 he performed the illustrations for the book Matryoshka by Charles Plisne (published in 1945). He took part in the exhibition and sale of the paintings for the sake of former Soviet prisoners of war and deported ones (1945) and in the exhibition called In honor of the Victory, organized by the Union of Soviet Patriots (1946). He worked as an artist in the weekly edition Juin, in the French book club and the club of Denis Diderot. He received the prize for layout of the novel of D. Diderot called Rameau's Nephew, or the Second Satire. He held a personal exhibition at the Camoin gallery in Paris. He was on friendly terms with such artists as I. Pugni, L. Zac, M. - L Mane-Katz, S. Charchoune, the Benoit family.

Painters works:

Auction 22 Lot 23

«Crimean rocks», 1918
canvas, oil; 20,5x30

Price: 2 000 3 000 $