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Pasin Omelyan (Pasini Emilio, 1899 - 1924)

An artist of emigration, painter. Born in Odessa. In 1914 he studied at the School of Art and Industry at the Society of Fine Arts named after V. Vereshchagin in Mykolayiv. In 1917 he settled in Rome. He painted mostly, participated in numerous exhibitions. With the support of the artist G. Maltsev he exhibited his works at the sale exhibition "Shop of the Russian art" and "The Russian reading" where particular demand was refered to the Mediterranean landscapes of the artists. He participated in the exhibitions Mostra di Amatori e Cultori d'Arte (1921, 1922) under the pseudonym Emilio Pasini. He painted landscapes and portraits.

Painters works:

Auction 23 Lot 34

«Sunny landscape. Capri», the end of the 1910s - early 1920s.
canvas, oil; 39 x 59

Price: 24 000 32 000 uah