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Christiani-Bogdanovich Tamara (end XIX - middle XX)

Russian artist abroad. She was born in St. Petersburg into a family of artists. After World War I emigrated from Russia. In 1918 settled in New York. In 1920 she studied at the New York School of Design In 1930 - 1940's participated in numerous exhibitions, including in galleries: Harold Haliday Costain studio in Scarsdale, Grand Central Gallery in New York, Muggleton studio in Auburn, Gallery of the Society of Russian literature and the arts in the town of Alben She lived and worked in New York. The author of landscapes paingtings and still lifes in the techniques of watercolor, gouache and collage.

Painters works:

Auction 24 Lot 37

«Magical Memories», the I-st third of the XX century.
paper, watercolor, gouache, diameter - 30

Price: 20 000 - 25 000 uah