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Huysmans Cornelis (1648 1727)

Flemish painter, landscape painter. Born in Antwerp. He belonged to the famous dynasty of Antwerp artists. Elementary art education received from G. de Witte in Antwerp. In 1674 studied under the guidance of A.F. van der Meulen in Maastricht. In 1675 - 1679 worked in Brussels with a famous master of landscape painting Jean d'Artois. Since 1706 he lived and worked in Antwerp. Artworks are stored in museum collections in Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, St. Petersburg, Dresden, Dublin, Kassel, Frankfurt, Hanover, Lyon, Liege, etc..

Painters works:

Auction 24 Lot 121

«Mountain landscape with fishing, traveler and a shepherd»,
Second half of the XVII century
Oil on canvas, 68,5x85

Price: 220 000 - 250 000 uah