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Mene Pierre-Jules (1810 1879)

The famous French sculptor, animal painter. Born in Paris. His teacher was sculptor R. Campaire. He was a member of a group of artists Animaliers, headed by A.-L. Barye. At the beginning of career he created patterns from porcelain, in 1837 started his own foundry. Since 1838 permanent participant of Parisian salons, winner of numerous awards. In 1855 received a medal of the 3rd Grade, in 1878 – of the 2nd Grade, in 1852 and in 1861 of the 1st Grade. In 1855 and 1861 was awarded with medals of the 1st Grade at exhibitions in London. In 1861 became a knight of the Legion of Honor. Lived and worked in Paris. He received a wide popularity in France and the UK. The works are kept in the museums of La Rochelle, Rouen and other cities of France.