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Johann Philipp Lemke (Lemke / Lembke / Lemcke / Johann Philipp, 1631 - 1711)

German painter, draftsman and printmaker. Born in Nuremberg. He studied in Hamburg under the guidance of E. Decker, from 1647 - under the guidance of M. Weier (ibid.), from 1649 - under the guidance of J. de Vit in Haarlem. In 1653 - 1673 continued his artistic education in Italy. He lived mainly in Rome and Venice. In the 1660s accompanied by Venetian forces in campaigns against the Turks on the island Crete, as evidenced by numerous sketches of battles, sieges, Oriental nature and life. In 1673 he returned to Nuremberg. In 1683 on the recommendation of the famous Swedish painter D. Kloker-Erenshtral King Charles XI invited the artist to Sweden. Under the leadership of Field Marshal and military engineer E. Dahlberg the master painted a series of paintings dedicated to the history of Danish-Swedish wars. In 1684 successfully introduced this series to the Royal Commission. Commissioned by the government made monumental paintings of the battles for government agencies, particularly for the palace complex Drottninhholm. He painted the scenes of Swedish wars in the courts of King Charles X Gustav and Charles XI. The author of hunting scenes and portraits. Works are kept in the National Museum in Amsterdam, the National Museum in Stockholm, the Museum of Fine Arts in Zurich, the Museum of Prints and Drawings in Berlin palace Drottninhholm (Sweden), Big Gatchina Palace (Russia), Heidelberg Castle (Germany), the Museum of Fine Arts in Gothenburg (Sweden), the Swedish National Portrait Gallery at Gripsholm castle.

Painters works:

Auction 24 Lot 122

«The Clash of Charles X Gustav with Tatars in the Battle near Warsaw, 29 June 1656», 1684
Oil on canvas, 52,5x68,5

Price: 180 000 - 220 000 uah