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Monge Jules (1855 1934)

French painter. Born in Marseille. In 1863 – 1866 studied at the Paris School of Fine Arts under the guidance of A.Kabanel and E. Detayl. In 1881 1899 his works exhibited at numerous Parisian salons. In 1881 was awarded with the medal of the 3rd degree in one of the salons. The member of Society of French Artists from 1908. Laureate of art prize of . Bashkirtseva (1911). He taught drawing at the International Institute in Paris. Lived and worked in Paris. Specialized on military issues. Painted also Oriental scenes and landscapes.

Painters works:

Auction 24 Lot 137

«Hussar on horseback», late XIX - early XX century
oil on canvas; 55x46

Price: 50 000 - 60 000 uah