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Kovalenko Ivan Yakymovych (1868/1870 - 1922)

Ukrainian painter. Born in the village of Opishnya, Poltava province. Brother of F. Kovalenko, the founder of Yekaterynodarsk City Art Gallery (now Krasnodar edge Art Museum named after F. Kovalenko). In 1881 moved to Yekaterynodar (now Krasnodar). A member of Yekaterynodar artistic circle (1909 - 1917). Member of annual city exhibitions. The author of sceneries and still lifes. Was engaged in watercolor painting. He created a series of portraits of prominent cultural figures. The works are kept in Krasnodar Provincial Art Museum named after F. Kovalenko and other museum collections.

Painters works:

Auction 24 Lot 19

«Portrait of Shevchenko» 1922
Oil on canvas, 80.5 x49

Price: 20 000 - 25 000 uah