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Govaerts Abraham (1581 - 1642)

A Flemish painter. Born in Antwerp in the family of artwork merchant. He received his artistic education in the studios of the famous artists J. Brueghel Senior and G. Van Koningslo. He lived and worked in Antwerp. During 1607 - 1608 he was a member of the local painters' guild of St. Luke, worked in collaboration with other members of the guild. He painted forest landscapes, pictures on historical, biblical and mythological themes. He had many disciples, among them stored in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Museum Mauritshaus in the Hague, the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen, the Hermitage, the State Museum of Fine Arts, the Louvre, the Museum of Art History in Vienna, etc.

Painters works:

Auction 23 Lot 131

«Angelic Concert», the beginning of the XVII century.
copper plate, oil, 36,5 x 50, 5

Price: 400 000 - 480 000 uah