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Montaland Frederic de / Cauchois Eugene Henri / (1850 - 1911)

A French painter, well-known master of still life. Born in Rouen. He studied at Paris School of Fine Arts under the guidance of F. Dubos and A. Cabanel. In 1874 he debuted at Paris salons. From 1878 till 1887 he lived and worked in Brussels. A member of the Society of the French Artists since 1890. Commander of the Legion of Honor (1891). Participant and winner of numerous European exhibitions. He was awarded a bronze medal at the World Exhibition in Paris (1900). His works are kept in the Louvre, Roussel Gallery (Perpignan, France), the Museum of Fine Arts of Rouen and in other Art Museums of France.

Painters works:

Auction 23 Lot 170

«Basket with chrysanthemums», the end of XIX century
canvas, oil; 38 x 46

Price: 24 000 - 32 000 uah