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Cheburahin Michael (born in 1960)

Ukrainian jeweler, painter, architect. Born in Mariupol, Donetsk region. In 1979 graduated from Kyiv Art-Industrial College, art design department, in 1985 – Kyiv Institute of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Architecture. In 1993 1996 artistic director of the «ArtUkraine» company that carried out governmental request. Among the best known works of the artist a writing instrument (1994) and State Seal (1997) of President of Ukraine, Ukraine Football Cup (2001), Ukraine Football Super Cup (2004). In 2012 was conferred the Orders of F. Birbaum and M. Perhin.

Painters works:

Jewelry art Lot 68

Sculpture «Flower Arrangement», 2012
undoped (pure) gold, gold leaf, silver, mammoth tusk,
mahogany wood, pearls; size – 390x220x150 mm

Price: 430 000 450 000 uah