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Astudin Mykola Lvovych (Astudin Nikolai von, 1847 - 1925)

Russian and German artist. Born in Moscow in a family of the diplomat, a Major of the Imperial Guard of Nicholas I. Received an education in St. Petersburg. In 1862, through Berlin, he got to Paris, where he took lessons from the renowned watercolorist and professor of the landscape painting A. Cassan. The acquaintance with Claude Monet and C. Rottmann made a strong influence on the artist . He travelled extensively around Italy and Finland, and exhibited his works in various galleries of Europe. In the years of 1876 - 1878 he held his solo exhibitions in Berlin, and in 1885 - in Zurich. Until 1904 he had lived and worked in Kassel and during 1904 - 1905 - in Bonn. He was widely known for his landscapes and urban views. He worked in watercolour, pastels, and collage technique. His works are stored in many museums and galleries of Western Europe and in private collections around the world.