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Volobuyev Yevghen Vsevolodovych (1912 - 2002)

A Ukrainian painter, author of landscapes, still lifes, and genre paintings. Born in the village of Varvarivka, Kharkiv region. During 1928 - 1931 he studied at Kharkiv Art College. In the years of 1931 - 1935 he studied at Kharkiv Art Institute (the art studios of S. Prokhorov and M. Sharonov), and in the third year of studies (untill 1940) he continued his art education at Kyiv Art Institute (the art studios of F. Krychevskyi and D. Shavykin). During 1947 Р 1954 he taught at Republican Secondary Art School. People's Artist of Ukraine since 1995. He lived and worked in Kyiv. His works are presented in the NAMU and in other museums of Ukraine.