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Yermylov Vasyl Dmytrovych (1894 - 1968)

A Ukrainian painter and graphic artist, one of the founders of the "Ukrainian design". Born in Kharkiv. He studied at Kharkiv Art and Craft Workshop of Decorative Painting (1905 - 1909), Kharkiv Municipal School of Drawing and Painting (1910 - 1911), Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1912), studios of I. Mashkov and P. Konchalovsky (1912 - 1913), Studio of E. Shteinberg (1913 - 1914), etc. Since 1909 he permanently took part in the exhibitions. Member of Kharkiv group called ТSoyuz SemiУ ("Union of seven") (1917) and the Association of Revolutionary Art of Ukraine (1927 - 1932). He worked a lot in the field of artistic design, industrial and book graphics. Together with L. Lysytskyy and A. Rodchenko he designed the soviet pavilion at the International Press Exhibition in Cologne, together with A. Petrytsky - the pavilion of Ukrainian Soviet Republic at the all-union agricultural exhibition. He worked a lot in the field of industrial graphics, developing prints, painted for the association called ТOkna ROSTAУ ("The windows of growth") (1919 - 1921). In 1922 for the design of the post stamp called "Helping to the starving people" he received a gold medal at the exhibition in Leipzig. He taught at Kharkiv Art College (1922 - 1934), at Kharkiv Institute of Art. Author of numerous paintings, mostly landscapes. His works are kept in many museums of Ukraine, including Kharkiv Art Museum and the National Art Museum of Ukraine.