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Smikh-Shatkivskyy Oleksa Yakovych (1908 - 1979)

A Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, stage designer, teacher. Born in Pochaev, Ternopil region. From 1931 till 1939 he studied at Warsaw Academy of Arts under the guidance of V. Skochylias, P. Prushkovskyy, L. Vychulkovskyy. He was a member of the "Peace"group. In 1939 he returned to Pochayev, where he worked as a teacher and continued artistic practice. After the war he worked in Ternopil Drama Theatre. Since 1946 he lived in Lviv, taught at the Institute of Applied and Decorative Art, Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute of I. Fedorov and in the College of Applied Arts of I. Trush. Along with the main themes (lyrical landscape, still life) he turned to classical portraits of Ukrainian cultural and historical personalities. Most of his works are presented in Lviv National Museum, where in 2008 there was held the exhibition devoted to the 100th anniversary of the artist.