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Tkachenko Mykhaylo Stepanovych (1860 - 1916)

An outstanding Ukrainian painter, a brilliant representative of Kharkiv school of landscape. Born in Kharkiv, where he received elementary art education under the guidance of the artist D. Bezperchyy. From 1880 till 1888 he studied in St. Petersburg Academy of Arts under the guidance of P. Chystyakov, M. Klodt and V. Orlov. During his studying he received all existing academic awards. He graduated from the Academy of Arts with the title of the 1st degree artist and the right for pension trip abroad. In 1888 he went to Paris, where he stayed for permanent residence. Each year he came to Ukraine for painting numerous landscapes. From 1888 till 1892 he visited the studio of F. Cormon, was a member of the Russian club of artists, where he made friends with A. Bogolyubov and M. Gritsenko, who influenced him to start painting marines. Since 1891 he became a constant exhibitor of Parisian salons, where the masterХs creative work was marked by numerous medals and awards. His solo exhibitions were held in Paris (1898, 1906, 1909). Participant of the World Exhibition in Paris (1900, the Second Gold Medal), of the International Exhibition in Li_ge (1905, the Gold Medal), etc. Since 1902 he served as a chief artist of the navy of Russian Empire. In 1895 he was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor, in 1909 - the Order of Saint Stanislav of the 3rd degree. His works are stored in the National Art Museum of Ukraine, Lviv National Museum, the State Russian Museum, in the Art Museums of Kharkiv, Sumy, etc.